me too been on 20mg for years and they Walgreens say that "Forest "wont make them any more and i have to now pay twice as much! using bcbsil still 50$ copay because they stopped making them there should be a law,tried to call there 800 472-2634 but never get an answer! shouldnt this manuerfacture be required to pick up the tab,or at least pick up the remainder we have to pick up,?or do we just stop taking 20 mg and sue(when we have a stroke) them because we cant afford to pay for there failure to suppily the required dosage at the right price not double!! until we can find another med. that will work on us?
please any one chime in and if you can or know how to contact this company on this issue please let me know, i got to go take a pill my bloods starting to boil!
thanks dennis