Having some difficulty getting used to the pen. I love the results of the medicine on my A1c and blood sugars (after the initial major nausea and some diarrhea). The pen is clunky and looks like something you would seal your bathroom shower with and is kind of intimidating. By the time I have mixed and depressed button and held in place I am not sure it is in right place. Initially I did not have much trouble with bleeding- a few drops, but the last couple times I have bled quite a bit (doing in my thigh, maybe I am doing a little to low with less fat). I am frustrated with system enough that each week it is a HUGE worry as I anticipate shot time. I am wondering if the "single dose tray" (the needle) would be better. It is kind of what I thought I would be getting anyway, seems less intimidating and I might have more control. Does anyone have any preferences or have tried both systems? I know there is additonal steps/parts with pen, but don't know if it would be better or not.