I know this is very strange, and for months I thought it must be coincidence, but I really want to know whether I'm the only one who's experienced this. When I first started Bydureon (about 18 months ago) I had some transient nausea/vomiting which lessened, then disappeared after a few weeks. Then one day in the shower I felt a little nodule in my abdomen at an old injection site. I massaged it to try to help it go away. As I was dressing (about 15 minutes later) I suddenly became diaphoretic, then nauseated, then vomited profusely for several minutes, after which I felt perfectly fine. I thought it was odd, but just wrote it off. However, long story short, this pattern has repeated itself about 8 times since then. I try very hard not to agitate these lumps in my abdomen, because EVERY TIME I do I have this intense sweating/heat-nausea/vomiting reaction within 20 minutes. Twice I've awoken to find myself scratching one of these small nodules, I've fallen back asleep only to awaken a few minutes later, sweating and racing for the bathroom to throw up my toenails. My BG results have been so good, however, that I've continued taking the Bydureon; I've just studiously avoided scratching/massaging my abdomen. And, for the record, none of these little nodules have ever been larger that 1 cm diameter, never inflamed or abnormal appearing. Also of interest, I can massage the site immediately after injection without any untoward effects. It's only when an old site/nodule is agitated that I have this ABSOLUTELY IDENTICAL awful reaction. Is there any chance I'm not alone here? Thank you.