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Hi please I want to know where can buy oxsralene solution and how much is it thank you?

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kaismama 19 Aug 2014

It seems our pharmacies have it with a prescription. Like a wise person once said if you have to ask what it costs you can't afford it. I'm getting a price around $825 in my area.

fayfaith 19 Aug 2014

It amazing to me how the pharmaceutical companies can take so much money from Us. It's more expensive to pay for most prescriptions than paying mortgage/rent & utilities plus including car payments all in one. Obviously they don't care whether We live or die. Especially the poor... forget the poor. IT'S A BUSINESS, it's all about MONEY. Making DRUGS... to help cure people, to save people, to help them to manage their illnesses with more healthier n productive lives. And it boils down to Who has the money to live. It's Sad... because it's true! If you're poor... you're up the creek with no paddle. If you have money are or you know someone that knows someone you're okay. GOD BLESS U either way n good luck. <3

kaismama 20 Aug 2014

Convenient to get rid of the poor isnt it? All those stockholders have to get richer. free discount card

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