Has anyone who used the Butrans patch end up having leg edema so bad that they had to stop?? I was on the 20mg patch and after the second, seven day patch, my legs swelled so bad that I did not know what was happening. I was using tramadol with it. Went to the Dr. because I seriously thought my kidneys were done! She told me to stop the Tramadol and see what happens. So, I stopped them but my legs did not get any better. I search high and low on the internet to see if maybe the Butrans patch could be causing it and decided to take the patch off 3 days early. sure enough, after a few days, my leg swelling went down. Has anyone had this as a side affect of the Butrans patch??
Dr gave me fentanyl patch script. Now I am scared to try that.
Any help would be appreciated!