Was introduced to tabs in 1989, back when they only made 7.5 lortab. I was 8 yrs old and had the flu; grandma was with me and said take it. For three hours I felt flu free, I asked her for another, felt flu free for 3 hrs. The third one she have me I was in love, it got me high. Had a great job at Ford making 30$ an hour was buying 20 tabs a day. So I went to methadone clinic( dont ever) I was on 80mg for 3 months.it did nothing for pain so I quit at home. First day was fine. day 2-10 I wAs in my bathtub no sleep. 10 th day my stockpile of tabs worked, so I was full fledged back. I finally got these butrans Wow, my psychorotist wrote me them. I said another kind of saboxone. No it is unbelievable. You know they help so I will stop babbling; here, is my concern: my( Free testosterone level is 6.9pg/ml. Normal is 8.7-25.1 pg/ml. I'm 31 used steroids for three years, and I can't get an erection, girlfriend says its patch. What do you think. Endocrinologist appt is July 9. I also take 6mg Klonopin a day, Viagra 100mg 6 a month.i also bought a Woodstone from a Jamaican and it helps a little( it makes you erect but you can not climax, it's for her pleasure, look it up and it works. 80 mg adderral and the patch. PleAse help I will leave her for this patch!! Thanks Dallas Texas. But I'm a UK Wildcat fan from Ky