I was put on Butrans for 3 different chronic pain conditions. I had some struggles with other narcotic pain medications, mostly because I need around the clock treatment. I tried Suboxone from a friend. Suboxone is a mixture of buprenorphine and naloxone, (buprenorphine being the narcotic in the Butrans patch), and was amazed at the relief and energy I had. (I have fibromyalgia and am tired ALL the time). So I went to my doctor and told him the truth, that I had tried the Suboxone and he prescribed me the patch, even though he really didn't even have the license for it. (Great doctor! although at this point, not much more he can do) So anyway, my question is... I've tried the 5's, felt nothing. He moved me up to the 10's, and still no results. After adding another 5mcg patch to the 10mcg patch (to make 15mcg per hour) with still no results, I have now had the 20 mcg patch on for 1 week and I have still not felt an ounce of pain relief. Has anyone ever heard of this or experienced it? I mean, is there something wrong with me or does this patch just not work on some people? I love my PCP and am SO thankful that he put his job on the line for me (if that's the case), but I am terrified to go to any more pain management specialists. I always feel like I have no say in my treatments, and like they are pushing things on me! Especially epidural injections for my spine, but I just can't handle them because of my fibro. I'm losing hope, because Suboxone is for addiction, and I think it's very rare if anyone at all subscribes it for pain. But it WORKS for me. There's also Subutex, without the Naloxone (which is what basically makes Suboxone for addiction and/or withdrawal), but I would obviously have to see a special doctor who can prescribe that. (And I have tried the Subutex as well, which works just as good as Suboxone). So, my question just turned into a large story, but as you all know who are in pain, it's a terrible struggle from day to day. And of course the people you love just want to help, but they also really don't want to hear about it anymore and that I can understand! I just wish I could find a great pain management doctor who treated me like my PCP does, but I honestly don't even feel like trying anymore since it seems it'll be an imminent letdown... well anyway, thanks to any readers... if you have an answer to my question, please let me know about the patch and if it's common for it to not work at all. Because even with the Suboxone, I could cut that into 3 pieces and eat 1 piece for a whole 24 hours which would completely eliminate my pain, so that was about 2.5 mg a day, and this patch I am wearing right now is supposed to be dispensing almost 3 mg a day. Whaaat the heck? :)