I've had chronic back pain for years, two fusions at two different times and sever degenerative discs since I was 26, now 49. I lived on Advil and I've been prescribed Hydro, then Oxi for as needed. Two years ago the pain became a 9-10 constantly. I've been on Oxi every since. I have now developed Osteoarthritis and I've had more surgeries on multiple joints than I can count. My doctor prescribed Burtrans about 3 months ago. He started me out on the 20mg patch. The patch did help with the pain but It made me feel like I had the flu. Dizzy and disoriented. (I hate the high that these drugs can cause) My doc lowered the dose to 10mg. On the 10's, I couldn't even tell that I was being treated for pain. My doc continued with my Oxi prescription for breakthrough pain. My intake didn't reduce at all so we switched to the 15mg patch.

I have to say that overall, I felt much much better but the patches still didn't help much with my back pain. The pain that I have all over is greatly reduced with the patch and I have more energy and feel so much better on them. I have a better outlook on life and I'm in a much better mood. I do so much more around the house and I enjoy more of a social life.

I went back to my doctor concerned that I was taking too much narcotics. He agreed that since I'm still taking the same amount of pain pills that I took before the patch, that we should just scrap the patch and go back to the old regiment.

After being off my patches for 3 weeks, I noticed immediately that my energy level and my overall pain had come back. I thought that maybe it was just a withdrawal symptom of stopping the patch. I didn't want to do anything and I didn't want to go anywhere. The house work got behind again and I didn't care.

I went back to the doctors and told him about the changes I noticed. The doctor agreed that if I was getting any relief from the patch, then lets go back to it. I have filled my 15mg prescription and I'm back to feeling so much better and this week, really over doing it around the house. I can sleep 6-8 hours with the patch and a few times even 9 hours.

My question is: Since I don't get much relief on my back pain but I do get a huge benefit with all of my other issues, should I be concerned about all of the narcotics? Could this improvement be caused from the "High"? Has anyone else experienced the same type of effects from the patch?