Want to let you know neither my doctor or pharmacy caught the 3 daily meds for pain topamax 50, flexeril 10, lyrica 100 & 300 all daily were on the serious warning for respiratory distress. My doctor just said I had copd. I worked until the accident in the insurance industry in several capacities and trusted the fail safe systems. I know sit in a hospital for 10 days and counting with bacterial pneumonia and moved to this state to grief for the loss of my husband and be close to my only child and grandkids..now I need care and only met the new doctor because I was assigned him after the ambulance ride from a clinic.I feel hurt and let down by the doctors that were overseeing my case. Even sleep apnea and hypothyroidism are on the list to check before prescribing... I have both. I also want to add that I was on cipro while in for bronchitis and when my patch came off, so did a deep patch of skin that burned a whole in my upper chest and took 2 months of daily home nursing care to pack and dress the wound. Help yourself and thank goodness I found this website, so my doctor has a place to start.