So a pain clinic put me on 5mg Butrans Patch rather than keeping me on the Norco that was working for me. The doctor knew all of the other medications that I've been on for years and he still prescribed me the patch. The doctor didn't bother to tell me that I could no longer take my Butalbital for Migraines, Flexeril for muscle issues and that I had to be extremely careful about taking my Atenolol. It wasn't until I started having a massive migraine that I decided to double check to make sure the Butalbital wasn't going to interact that I found out virtually all of my medications have a moderate to major interaction with Butrans. To me this medication isn't worth losing all of my other medications that were helping me. So since it's been such a short amount of time, can I remove the patch and have no major withdrawal issues? Also, once I do remove the patch how long before I can go back to my regular medications?