I am or was use to 10/325 Hydrocodon and last year I had to switch to cod-4 I now have to go to a pain management doctor.
he gave me Butran 5mcg patch this is day 2 and I don't feel anything yet they say it can take up to 3 days. my knees and my shoulder and my lower back still hurt and burn real bad. I have been reading alot on the net. I cant really find a comparison chart butran vs. Hydrocodon in what is = I did find a chart absorption rate rising and falling of the patch and I feel like 1/2 the stuff I read is some one trying to advertise the patch. all I know is its not working - the pain doc tested me but because I don't cry or yell when being tested he may think I am lieing ( many years in the cold and working ranches and injuries you learn how to block some pain but at 60 now I really hurt Please some one tell me about butran thank you what will butran do