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Will bust boom make my birth control (necon 1/35) less effective?

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kaismama 26 Mar 2014

Not knowing what it is I can't answer. If its something to increase your breasts, don't waste your money, there is no such thing as a medication that will do that.

kaismama 26 Mar 2014

I just looked this stuff up. Its phytoestrogens and you're getting enough estrogens in your pill. You don't need anymore. The pill will give you the same action. You might upset the balance with this supplement. Too much estrogen is no good for you. And like estrogen when you stop taking the supplement the effect on your bust will go away.

DzooBaby 27 Mar 2014

According to the manufacturer of Bust Boom, no, it wont interfere with your oral contraceptives. Just a word of advice though, these things, like this product and products to increase penis size etc., dont work. Breast size and penis size is genetically determined and there is not much you can do to change this. The only way to truly get larger breasts is to gain weight all over adding to breast tissue (which is fat mainly) or getting surgical implants. These products like Breast Boom are often expensive and they dont work. free discount card

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