I am concerned about taking buspirone for high BP, which used to be one of the lesser problems I was diagnosed with. The serious ones being anxiety, P.T.s.D., depression. I have some buspirone tablets. from an old Rx. for anxiety.

I stopped taking Rx meds months ago.

Today I had a very Deja Vu event. The VA mental health people don't recognize Deja Vu as an issue.
The problem could be high BP, or low BP - or I could be losing my mind.
At the VA they want to ignore what I try to tell them about these Deja Vu episodes - or else lock me in the nut ward and experiment with anti-psychotic meds.

Question is - if this Deja Vu could be happening because of a BP problem
would it be advisable to start taking the buspirone I have here?
If this Deja Vu is actually an anxiety or panic attack - then would the buspirone help me because it is an an anxyolitic?