Hello, I suffer from GAD, constant worry over my health, I have dizziness panic, tinnitus, hyperacusis etc... been on Trazadone (50mg) at night for years, I take klonipin .025 as needed to take edge off about once every few days as I am scared of meds since a bad reaction after taking zoloft... it sent me into hyper anxiety after one 50mg dose worst 2 days of my life... so my Dr has prescribed me 10mg buspar to try 1/2 a pill twice a day... I need people's input please.and help deciding to even take this pill... I am scared to death to try it... klonipin has been my go to and I know how I react but I don't want to become dependant or have to keep increasing it... any suggestions and reviews on Buspar, is this my answer? Started therapy a few weeks ago to help also.