I've been diagnosed (for what its worth) with both general and social anxiety and currently take Gabapentin 1200 mg, Propanolol 40 mg, and Buspar 20 mg, per day. I also take Klonopin .5 or 1 mg as needed but I avoid taking it as much as I possibly can - maybe 3 to 4 times a week, often to get to sleep. The Buspar is new - I've been on it for two weeks and I find that I am having more intrusive thoughts (mostly about the past and my divorce), my mood is not quite as good as before, my sleep is not as good and I am having more conflict with other people because I'm more inclined to just say what I feel. I also do feel less anxious overall though. I have read Buspar takes about 4 to 6 weeks to really work so I want to give it a try but I wonder if anyone else has experienced the sort of energized jumpy feeling it seems to produce.