I have been having terrible anxiety and panic attacks. I started Buspar (generic) about three weeks ago and started at 5 mg two to three times a day. At first it seemed to work, then it seemed like my anxiety and panic increased, so then they changed it to 10 mg twice a day. After that it seemed like it was massively worse. Is this normal?
It has seemed like it has finally tapered back down and may seem a little better. Doctor for some reason wanted to increase it yet again to 15 mg twice a day - well I am super sensitive to meds, and I was scared this would flare everything up again. I only took one extra 5 mg pill that night - and I had TERRIBLE nightmares and my anxiety was terrible the next day. I was too scared to take anymore extra 5 mg doses.
I am just really unsure if these are normal things to happen after starting BuSpar and if I should tough it out or just resume the lesser dose. I definitely don't need anything adding to my anxiety.