Ive been on 5mg twice a day for a week now, and i am still on edge/ worrying over small stuff. I just upped my dose to 15 mg a day, for the past 3 days.. . How long should i give this medicine to work? When i went to the doctor, i had enough, I cant keep playing around on small doses for the next few months. I need help now :( what should i do? I tried paxil and amptripline but the 2 meds together made me gain 50 lbs in 2 months. so i came off them, was switched to celexa, 40 mg, but was tired of being zombiefied and also gained weight from that as well, so i came off that 5 months ago cold turkey and am needing some help. Any suggestions i should do while being on buspar or should i try a higher dose?