My 84 year old mother has a history of TIA's due to Small Vessels Disease of the brain. She has dementia due to the TIA's. She started to get extremely anxious and she would be mean to the girls working with her and my father. The Dr. decided to try her on Buspar. Eight days later she couldn't pick up her head and she can hardly even speak. She does not open her eyes much either. She's no longer on her feet. She is very unstable. She goes to PT weekly but they say she refuses to work with them. She still recognizes my voice and others in the family. I've often said when a person has had TIA's it is not a good practice to put them on these medicines as it works on the chemicals in the brain. If the brain is part dead, wouldn't that create an over abundance of the chemical in one area which then may lead to an overdose? Also, I have seen the Black Box Warnings on similar medicines, however it is not on this one, against giving it to people with a history of strokes. Why wouldn't this Buspar fall into that category of warning? If anyone can give me some insight on this, it would be extremely helpful. My mother has been off the medicine for a month and there hasn't been hardly any change at all.