I'm new to anxiety medications.

The first medicine they tried me on was Lexapro (I was having hot flashes, felt drugged/floaty and was excessively tired) - I stuck it out despite the side effects. By week 3 I just had the hot flashes left but my period hit and it was like I was back to day one. Each time I took my medicine I felt like I was drugged out of my mind.

Doctor changed me to Zoloft. I made it 2 weeks but was having anger/irritation issues that were pretty extreme. He switched me to Buspar.

I've been on Buspar for 2 weeks. I like it much better than the previous 2. The SSRIs did a good job of stopping panic attacks but not as much for the day-to-day feelings of like I can't breathe deep, weight on my chest, racing thoughts, disorganized thoughts... instead it felt like it just kind of took the edge off.

On Buspar I feel like it's managing the day-to-day really well but I think I'm either having panic attacks or its a side effect of the medicine. About once a day I'll get an episode of chest pains and heart palpitations. I also have had some uncontrolled tics in my right hand. It's always a finger, usually while using my cellphone... my thumb or one of my fingers will just jerk rapidly, fully extending. Despite those side effects, I really like this medicine in comparison to the others.

My period started 3 days ago and in time with it, I started feeling VERY drugged up and sleepy each time I take the Buspar (similar to what happened to me on the Lexapro) ... is this a thing? I'm having trouble finding anything online about it... but I feel like this medicine is the only thing that's different.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced it... if it gets better over time?