Been on 15mg of Buspar for 5 weeks 4 days. Titrated my way up. Tried 20mg but felt like I had taken speed and had painful tingling in extremities, so back down to 15mg (3x /d).

Even when I take my reg dose of 5mg I still get heart racing and some uncomfortable tingling. To date, Buspar hasn’t shown me any consistent relief from fear & anxiety. I’ve only had a few hours within a couple days in the last 5+ weeks where the fear & anxiety left me.

My plan is to stay on Buspar thru 8 weeks. After doing so much reading and research on it seems giving it 8 weeks is a reasonable timeline.

I feel so frustrated that it hasn’t worked. I had a DNA swab done and it shows Buspar in green indicating its a good fit for me metabolically.

I’m wondering if because I still get side effects from taking 5mg that maybe I should try an even lower dose. Say .25 3x a day?

BTW, my Psych is fine with me changing my dose down as long as I let her know.