Hi everyone, I have made it through most of the opiate withdrawls , this is what I have remaining... very prevalent anxiety (cannot use benzos, I cannot be trusted with them. I overuse them) Blood pressure, last time I checked it was 170 over 88 bpm was 95. I always have a headache and pounding heart.
I take reg 10mg. Ambien for sleep but I have been waking up after 2 or 3 hours at the latest, most likely to such a high level of anxiety that I maintain. I feel like a crackhead (no offense intended) most hours of the day and night. I have tried exercising it has'nt worked up to this point. I have an old buspar script I called in, it will be ready in couple of days. In anyone experience will buspar be my saving grace? I cannot go to er again, I went a few weeks ago and it's just another bill I can't pay, seriously I struggle with small things like groceries. Even a visit to local low cost clinic is not a possibilty at this time. Thank you everyone. -K BTW does Buspar have immediate result because I only have a 30 day supply.