I have been on Buspar for a little over a month. I began take Buspar for anxiety and panic attacks and now take 10mg twice daily. I recently have noticed that when I wake up and open my eyes I temporarily see strange patterns and even random letters and numbers at times. It's not like a full blown hallucination but rather an image you get after staring at a bright light for too long. Like its burnt into my eyes. I hope that makes sense. After a few seconds it goes away. And this only appears after I wake up from sleep. It doesn't happen if I just have my eyes close for a few minutes and then open them. I also feel just psychotic and confused all of the time. I have never ever felt like this before I started taking Buspar. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced the same problem. I have read that SSRIs can cause bizarre side effects that go away when the meds are stopped or changed.