Hi I am new here and I am lacking knowledge about buspar. Yesterday my doctor prescribed it to me for the first time. She gave me 10mg 3x daily. However I am already taking generic Xanax 2 1\2 mg daily and 10mg diazapam 1x daily. She prescribed it because I suffer from PTSD and I don't always feel like the other 2 meds are enough when a full blown panick attack comes on. So she said to take the buspar through the day to help. Is it similar to my other 2 benzos? Is it safe to take together? And if so, how does it compare (side effect wise) to the way my other 2 meds make new feel? What I guess I am trying to say is that my other 2 medications make me calm and don't have a funky side effect other than help my panick attacks (which is what I need) . I just want to know if this will do something similar. So can anyone please help? YIKES!