So I went on 15 mg per day total of buspar along with 50 mg of zoloft for several months. The combination worked great for anxiety except I was utterly exhausted and arguably depressed. My doctor lowered the Zoloft to 25 mg and increased buspar to 37.5 Mg total per day. I liked it at first because it was stimulating. But then all hell broke loose. Within 2 months I had worse agitation and panic attacks then I ever had before. So the doctor returned to the original mix that worked, 15 mg total buspar and 50 mg zoloft and I still felt horrible after 3 months. Lots of panic, diaharea, acid reflux, palpitations, nonstop tension. I stopped the buspar and instantly felt like a new person and much calmer. Has anyone had success on buspar and then had it not only poop out but turn on them?