Hi there I have anxiety and am taking clonazepam now for over a year at a daily amount of 1.5mg split into four doses and my phys would like for me to come off (he suggested 0.25mg per week which I find to quick) and has put my on Buspar 5mg 3 times a day I was taking for 40 days as I was weaning of Cymbalta at the time. I am now of Cymbalta. He increased my Buspar to 10mg three times a day and it was too strong so tried 7.5mg three times a day and still for 10 days could not take it started having panic attacks in the night time. which I have not had before even in the daytime only tightness in the chest fro the anxiety. I also weaned some clonazepam by 0.25mg so don't know which was causing the panic attacks. Phys said to go back to 5mg three times a day. The night time dose revs me up and I toss and turn all night any suggestions there. Also stopped the wean of the clonazepam for now will take it slower. Next week will try and reduce one dose by 1/8 and see how that goes. Does Buspar have to build up in your system and is the clonazepam affecting it working as I still feel the anxiety or is it not the right med for me? They have tried other AD's and I am sensitive to meds and have had adverse reactions to all.