I'm not getting the answers I seek. I had a wound vac on my elbow for 25 days. Ancef, pic-line, every 8hrs, for 28 days. I called 12 days post-op to report fluid and very painful elbow. Orthopedic surgeon said wait the 30 days, it needs to heal. On day, 31, I was in surgery for an infection called MSSA. I was told I was lucky to be alive and even luckier to have my left arm.
I've experienced some changes, my short term memory is frightening. May it be a side effect that will get better.
I drop everything I pick up. I have a tremor, I knock things over that I didn't intend to touch.
I feel long overdue to have my eyes examined, I need new glasses.
It's been 10 weeks and my bone is still exposed, and I can't touch it to anything.
The surgeon reports things look good, says it should be closed in 6 more weeks. That will be 4 months to heal. I'm not being informed anything that I don't know to ask. Even then I'm getting different answers from each Dr or nurse I remember to ask.
Example: You're lucky to have use of your arm. You had a major infection in the bone of your elbow!
Ask Dr: No, you had no infection in the bone.
Me: Was the infection in my blood? Can it cause unseen problems in any of my organs later.
Dr: No, we don't believe there is any long term problems.
Me: Will I continue to need to be concerned that this infection will return?
Dr: Yes, No , no, yes yes Does anyone know, can someone help me?
I've had the most extreme MSSA surgery and follow up hospital stay that I can find.