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Have burning when urinating and pain in my lower back during. What could this be?

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She Creature 1 Dec 2016

Sounds like a kidney infection. It will require antibiotics... then try drinking cranberry juice to help ward off further infections in the future. God bless.

DancnDar 2 Dec 2016

It has to be 100% Cranberry juice. Cranberry juice cocktail doesn't work. Orange juice is good also because of its acidity. Best is to take Cranberry supplements.
Unfortunately I get urinary tract infections easily. I have been hospitalized twice for bad kidney infections. The first time was because I started drinking Cranberry juice after the symptoms started. This masked the symptoms until I had a 104 fever. My doctor told me that Cranberry & Orange juice will not cure an infection like some think it will. As soon as symptoms start very to the doctor. I'm at the point now that only Levaquin will cure my infections.

MeggieGirl 1 Dec 2016

Ohhhhh yes, you have classic kidney infection signs. You need antibiotics. Until then, drink as much PURE cranberry juice as you can (none of that mixed stuff, but cranberry, straight up), and it will help flush your kidneys of toxins. It's only going to get worse, to the point that you're debilitated, so please make an appointment with your Doctor now before it turns into an emergency. When I had my kidney infection, I went from thinking I had a urinary tract infection to falling to the floor and being unable to walk, and having to go to the emergency room. Not even morphine could really dull the pain. Trust me, you don't want it to get to that point. If you can't get an appointment within a day or two, try to get through to your Doctor's nurse and explain your symptoms. They may call in a course of antibiotics because your symptoms are so clear.

sweetsvirgo 2 Dec 2016

Couldn't agree with MeggieGirl more cause these same symptoms I had million times, lots of uti's and kidney infections, before it all changed... felt like I was peeing hot sandy water, awful back pain and if you start running fevers and generally feel like your going to die RUN to the ER. I ended up with stones, surgery, lots of pain, ugh, really honestly worst than childbirth. Although not something to be looked over, need to see your dr, antibiotics, 100% cranberry juice, water and Lord try Azo, numb up that burn but all temporary till you can get in with your Dr

Windchimes123 4 Dec 2016

Hi Blux,
You received very good answers.
Go to the ER ! Kidneys do not regenerate.
You don't know what life has in store for you but it usually involves wear and tear on the kidneys... CT scans, dyes, meds including chemo, age related.
You don't want to be denied the best drug choice because your kidney functions are a problem 30 years from now.
Best wishes
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