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Does anybody else have burning sensations inside your chest or arms with anxiety?

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PepperM 27 Sep 2015

Connie50, you just don't know. Or maybe you do. I had such a bad attack the other day i thought i would just pull my hair out. The feeling in my chest is the worst. I really thought i was going crazy. I get this feeling in my hands and fingers that drives me nuts. I'll rub my fingers over and over i feel like i could just scream. But yes to you're question i have the burning sensation in my chest and tingling in my hands. So you're not alone in this. I hope you feel better honestly.

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Connie50 27 Sep 2015

Thank you PepperM, I've had anxiety since 1989 and i had learned pretty much how to control it without medications, but July 8th i 2015 was diagnosed with bi lateral pulmonary embolism and dvt. Now my anxiety is worse than ever. I also have tingling in my left arm and hands.

chuck1957 27 Sep 2015

Connie50; YES more often than I like but it does happen anxiety shows up in so many different ways but just remember if in dought go to the E.R. or call your doctor sorry you have to go through this i feel your pain. PepperM IS A fantastic help.And when it comes down to it that is all we need is people like us that know about this JUNK as I call it feels like we are in a tailspin then we can go for awhile with no problems..Best wishes and luck..we are here anytime. I have found one thing that helps is knowing others that have our problems.

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Connie50 28 Sep 2015

Thank you chuck1957, I don't know what I would do without you guys being so supportive, I have so much anxiety and depression since I had bilateral pe and dvt.

chuck1957 28 Sep 2015

Never a problem Connie, We all have a good place to stick together that get to understand all this terrible junk we have to deal with..feel free to post anytime.We have a great bunch of people here more than willing to try and help.

Hannah68 31 Aug 2018

I just started 3 days ago
Woken up by severe pounding heart and in abdomen
Burning both arms and abdomen and chest blood I can hear in my ears! I can hear the blood flow. I was asleep
No anxiety
Took losarton
Bp down to 150/96
Something is very wrong
Then severe burning and ringing in ears help please
Is the losarton causing these episodes free discount card

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