... that I may find this forum helpful. What I've experienced for the last eight years is waking up with a very bitter taste in my mouth. Whether dry or not, I wake up from it and have to get up, spit and rinse, go back to sleep and it gets that way again. The other condition is that the roof of my mouth is sensitive to different food textures. For example if I eat crackers or toasted bake items my mouth gets sore and metallic tasting. Neither of my doctors have been helpful in this. I have tried to attack it as a GERD problem by doing Prevacid, elevated head at sleep, cut down on coffee, and not eating 4-5 hours before bed. But those things do not change the way my mouth tastes. My dentist was no help with this either, but I do excellent dental hygiene care including a water pik and tongue scrape. The symptom of bitter taste does not last during the day, just while sleeping. I don't believe I have dysgeusia because I seem to taste all the flavors just fine and I enjoy food and drink with bitter flavors. With the mouth sensitivity I have found remedy in doing a mouth cleanse with coconut oil. I wonder if any of you sufferers of BMS have tried swishing coconut oil in your mouth without swallowing for about 10 minutes. I am going to try ALA and aloe vera, as some of you posters have discussed. I appreciate this resource as a helpful way to make the changes in my life or diet, in order to get more satisfying sleep. Thank you and good health to all