I had root canal, infected, extracted, 6 months ago, and the ENT said i have BMS. WHAT helps this? I have a constant sucking sensation in my mouth, gets worse as the day goes on. it feels like cartledge/bone is moving around in my gums, going down my throat. my inside of my mouth is raw from the sucking i do because my teeth feel hollow and hurt all the time. HELP? what relieves this? he gave prescrip for some type of mouthwash..a mix..and it did not help at all. i went to natural groceries and got mouthwash, natural toothpaste..does not help. I really need advice! it is constant pain in my mouth. gets worse as day goes on, and i don't know what to do. dentist and oral surgeon say "everything looks fine". ENT took MRI and saw no infection. HELP!!