Thank your interest. I am a senior, so guess I am blessed if this is what I will deal with forever. At least I can walk, and do many things. Hate to sound so negative, but seems to be no cure for BMS. All started about 3 years ago after dental procedure.
Have been tested for TMJ, used FIRST-Mouthwash BLM SUS (dulls pain for awhile), tried Nortriptyline (caused A-Fib), take vitamin B-12, had Gastroesphageal Reflux and Laryngopharyngeal Reflux tests, tried Denavir Cream 1% (believe a steroid), had an Oral Surgeon & Maxillofacial Surgeon run tests, have seen a therapist for relaxation, one for speech pathology, and now a doctor of Hematology. Now use Orajel and Biotene toothpaste, as well. Have tried many different diets. Sugar seems to be bad, but sucking on bites of Trader Joe's Ginger cookies helps (?), but not ginger candy. Drink lots of iced water and iced tea and iced water.
Again, even though it is so painful, I am blessed that I can still get around and, at least, look and feel normal.
It is good to find a site where I can, at least, vent how painful this condition is.
Thanks for listening.