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Burning Mouth Syndrome - How do I join the group?

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Mo13 10 May 2016

Hi Polly
I think you have joined the group. Can you tell me more about your experience of burning mouth syndrome?

pollypinkow 10 May 2016

Ya, I think I have joined! :) Thanks for answering! My tongue burns constantly. It has deep fissures. I have systemic yeast, so I think I always have a slight case of thrush. I take nystatin pills periodically and swish my mouth with nystatin liquid. That seems to help, but it never lets up completely. I'm on 5 different meds that cause dry mouth and wear a mouth appliance at night for sleep apnea, so I really can't avoid having a burning tongue :'( Since yeast loves an alkaline environment, I don't swish with baking soda frequently, only when I eat high-acid foods. How about you?

nanapatty3 18 May 2016

Tall who suffer from this condition,I take pity on you.I have suffered for over25 years with bums.I have been to most hospitals in the Boston area.Tufts cranial facial pain clinic,Beth Israel hospital, Brigham and Women's,Lahey Clinic and Mass Generali have tried to get on Dr.Oz show,I was actually filmed,but unfortunately I never heard back from his show.I have been on every medication you can think of.Im currently going to a pain car.I have been getting injections(nerve blocks) I also have been diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia.

nanapatty3 18 May 2016

I am the same person,I just changed my user name.I was Nana Patty.I look forward to discussion,regarding bums.

Jeberlinger 14 Aug 2016

I have BMS for the last year. I actually diagnosed it myself because the Drs here never heard of it. I was living with mold for a long time but it took me quite a while to figure it out. I was an active, healthy woman and now I can hardly function. When I do get some energy the BM
S comes on full force. It's better in the morning but by the evening it is terrible. I go to bed early because when I close my eyes my symptoms cease. I have HBP. I have tried changing my meds with no success. I am thinking of going to Stanford for further evaluation. I want my life back

Stephen Treloar 10 May 2016

To join a particular group just post your question and make sure you put in keywords (medication/condition) and then auto classifies posts. free discount card

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