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Burning Mouth Syndrome - Does anyone have trigeminal neuralgia and have developed BMS?

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bellafaire 16 Aug 2016

I did have that years ago and do have BMS but on lips only. Since mine only involves my lips I doubt they are related in my case though.

KKRazberry 29 Nov 2016

I did have Trigeminal Neuralgia many years ago. Luckily with medication treatment, the TN eventually resolved in time. However, I have since developed BMS. I've wondered about a connection between these two because both conditions involve the Trigeminal nerve.

kpriddis 10 Sep 2018

This is the exact question I was going to ask. I was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia five years ago. A year ago I began having painful lips, only on the inside, sometimes all the way around but mostly in one spot inside the upper lip. I experience a metallic taste/feeling inside my mouth. I am so tired of this pain, it makes caring for my teeth nearly impossible. I wondered if there might be a connection but my doctor had never heard of BMS.

jayne07 10 days ago

Hi, exactly the same as me, dentist referred me to dental dept outpatients,but they said mouth looked fine! It may look ok, but it dont feel ok! my dentist now says hospital says mouth is fine, so dismisses me as well. Has anyone seen neurologist for this? or a maxiofacial specialist that is also qualified in mouth pain/neuropathic,bms pain? Thanks Jayne

cindy-59 10 Sep 2018

Hi Bonniewolf. I have Trigeminal Neuralgia but I have not had any problems since starting Tegretol. I have taken Lyrica and I’m still taking Cymbalta but slowly tapering off that now too. The reason I mention these medications is because I’ve talked to many people who have taken them and they are experiencing BMS. Another medication that can cause it is Gabapentin. I’m just wondering if you’re taking any of these medications and maybe that’s why you have it. There are groups for people who take these types of medications and many people talk about BMS and the connection. Take care and I wish you the best. Cindy free discount card

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