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Burning Mouth Syndrome - Anyone notice more burning when eating salts & sugars??

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Carol321 13 Aug 2014

Tina, I am 61 and developed Burning Mouth Syndrome about 3 years ago. But I have been highly sensitive to salty foods for many years; so much so that I now eat only bland foods. Overly sweet foods bother me too. When I eat very flavorful foods my face feels hot and sweats. And now, soon after eating, BMS symptoms appear or worsen. Doctors/Dentists were no help until I found a neurologist who created a liquid "swish" for me to use before eating. It is made up at a compounding pharmacy. Active ingredients are amitriptyline, gabapentin, and lidocaine. I rinse and spit it out about 5 minutes before eating. I don't use it very often because the medicine is expensive and loses effectiveness in about two weeks (refrigerated). Also it has an unpleasant taste. However, it does allow me to be relatively symptom-free while and after eating a meal in social situations where I have little control over the menu.
Do you have any facial symptoms in addition to the burning mouth?

Margiedaniels 17 Aug 2014

Hi Carol,
My answer won't help but it is weird that lime salt is my best friend. When it gets bad I start lightly shaking it into my mouth. The red sweet wine ( I don't drink) also calms it. Those are my GO TO items. I couldn't stand the mouth rinse. Yucky... Good luck

Carol321 19 Aug 2014

Hi Margie, Thank you for your suggestions. I am sensitive to both salt and wine, so they would not help me. It is interesting that so many of us have Burning Mouth, but with different causes. Best of luck to you. ~~ Carol

lsirowkop 5 Sep 2014

My situation is different. Mildly salty foods give me temporary relief. Spicey foods bring on great discomfort. free discount card

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