I had gastric sleeve in 2011, I lost 140 lbs. gained 80 back. My knees hurt and my anxiety is back. I was put on 100 mg of sertraline, I take 137 mcg levothyroxine and 400 mg of gabapentin. On Tues. Oct. 3rd I ate grits took 3 Aleve 2 hours later I got nausea, I took promethazine, I ate lunch, spaghetti 20 min later nausea and cramps, I took another promethazine it got worse. I had loose stool and severe nausea. That night the pain was in the middle of my stomach by my breast plate, the pain radiated into my back with a burning pain, sob, no Fever though. I saw my co-worker next day who is a PA-C, she did a CBC all was good, she thought it was my gallbladder she gave me Pepcid. Day 3 and still the burning in my back, cramping, I took the Pepcid 2 total today not as bad pain but still have that achy in stomach, still burping, worse at night so I been stacking up pillows. But feel like I still have food sitting in my esophagus. What is going on? Anyone ever experience this? Is it an ulcer or gallbladder or heart attack? I’m 40. White female.