I have been taking Paxil for 2 years for anxiety and was unhappy with the side effects. I went to my doctor and he said he would switch me to Wellbutrin but I had to wean myself off of Paxil for a month. I was on 20 mg so he said take 10 mg for 2 weeks 5 mg for 2 weeks. I tried but I was not able to get thru the 1st week without nausea, diarrhea, brain zap cloudiness feeling, lightheaded, Very emotional, severe anxiety. That's when he said I could start the wellbutrin. I've been taking 150 mg, the side effects aren't as severe as they were but I do have nausea, poor appetite, running to the bathroom, and constantly feeling emotional. I did lose 14 lbs in 2 weeks, I wanted to lose weight but not like this. I feel like I'm losing it. Do you or anyone else you know have the same problem? Is it normal to have these side effects? Do they ever go away? I need some advice. I'm trying to get into my doctor as soon as possible but don't know what to do until then.