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Bupropion - What to do about nausea while on wellbutrin xl 300mg?

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WildcatVet 30 Jan 2016

Hi, Tedd!! Milk or yogurt will soothe and coat your stomach; ginger tea, gingerale and soda crackers can also help enormously. OTC motion sickness pills such as Dramamine or Bonine not only stop the nausea, but are also very mildly sedating for some people.which is great for mild anxiety and for sleeping.
As an alternative, phone up your doctor and ask for a prescription.
Good luck and remember these side effects usually subside over time..
Best wishes, WCV

janiebme 30 Jan 2016

Hi Ted-
WCV had good advise. If you have just started Bupropion aka Wellbutrin, you may ask your doctor about reducing the dose while you adjust. It can take 2-6 weeks sometimes for side effects to calm down. You could also ask a pharmacist about what you can take for nausea, they are good resource.
Hang in there, take care :)

chuck1957 31 Jan 2016

Tedd; Remember go with what WCV; HAS already told you this should take care of the nausea etc. then normally these side effects start getting better within a week or two from when you started it. Just try and take them about the same time as you do each day,That always seems to help to plus you keep a steady blood level of the medication..All of what you have said is pretty common but it does get better. HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND. and stick with it, free discount card

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