I have been on bupropion for 3 and half weeks now. I am now on 150mg twice a day.
My previous medicine was citalopram 40 mgs once a day and buspirone 20mgs 3xs a day.
The reason I asked to switch was because I had no energy or motivation to do anything. I slept all the time. I was always falling asleep. I couldn't focus on anything.
So, I have been weaned off my old medicine while take the new medicine.Ever since I have been completely off of my old meds with my new medicine bupropion I have major side affects!
When I took them all together everything was fine. I was happy had so much energy. I had motivation to do things. The very next day without my old medicine everything spiraled down. I keep crying, everything is annoying me, I actually got really angry and threw something at a car! I have never been like this ever!! I emailed my doctor twice. I heard nothing back yet. It has been the holiday weekend with Christmas and new years. Today I called the office and was on hold for 30 mins and finally talked to someone. They said we will talk to your doctor and she will call you back. So I have no idea what to do!
Should I add my old meds back until I hear back from my doctor? Or should I stop taking my new medicine all together? please any advice will help.