I have been on this Bupropion for depression starting 10/10/14 and today is 10/22/14. I've been reading all of these questions and haven't been able to figure out the answers I'm looking for. As of 12 days later I am still having headachs, tention in my neck, dizzy a lot, these are the side effects I have gotten when I started taken the medication, I sleep fine in fact could still sleep all day and night and still extremely depressed (crying, everything irritating me and just an over all distructive feeling) no jetters etc. The depression stems form my job and everything that they are doing, and of course no weight lose and yes I am one of those that from medical issues have gained 40 pounds. Which helps with perpetiating all of the feelings listed above.

Am I off my rocker in thinking that this isn't working, should I give it more time before I call my doctor, do I need a higher dosage. I don't what to just email him because I'm being inpatient. Feed back would be great.
Thanks in advance!