Hi everyone.

So here is my story.
My 70 year old father started bupropion 150mg for quiting smoking 6 months ago.
It worked and now he doesn't smoke but he does vape.

In the past 2 months he has started accusing my mother of cheating on him. He has kicked her out twice and she slept in a parking lot so as to not cause a problem with the family.

She confides in me because she knows I won't confront him unless she says I can.

He is drinking way more than regular. Normal for him is 2 or 3 glasses a wine 3 nights a week. Now it's every night and he drinks till he falls asleep in his chair.

It is when he is drinking that he starts the accusations of cheating and says she has been with up to 47 men. I know this is not true, it's not even a concern of mine. He says he stayed with her because of the kids but why bring it up now if that is true both my brother and I are in our 40's

I guess my question is has anybody ever experienced anything like this?

Do you think it's the bupropion or the mix of alcohol and bupropion.

And of so how do I tell him to get off of it?