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Bupropion - Is this used for errctile dysfunction or equal to viagara?

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LaurieShay 14 Jan 2016

It is not equal to Viagara as it will not cause an erection. Bupropion can increase libido for some people. Most antidepressants decrease libido and hence why bupropion is sometimes prescribed.

Jim Pearce 16 Jan 2016

Yes, right. The ('new') ''female Viagra" is the same as bupropion in that regard, can enhance libido. Helpful for some with low sex drive, post-menopausal for example. Not a performance-enhancer but a desire enhancer. Viagra is all about blood flow/erectile tissue. There is no "female" Viagra".

chuck1957 22 Jan 2016

john; also Bupropion is given to many that are taking mostly SSRI'S OR SNRI'S ANTIDEPRESSENT ANTI ANXIETY medications and help with side effects of these 2 class medications. good luck talk to your doctor. free discount card

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