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On Bupropion,still drink,says not2quit due2poss.siezure.found Im prego need2stop drinkin, any ideas?

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kaismama 22 Dec 2014

How much are you drinking? How long have you been drinking? You should involve your ob/gyn in this, because you don't want to have problems just stopping it.

al2014 22 Dec 2014

I have a few beers a week and about 2 x a month I may have 4 or 5 at once or a few glasses of wine. Yes I am talking to my doc, I just wondered about some personal experiences. Doc doesn't say much, just her recommendations. Yes I have read about people having problems with stopping drinking while on bupropion , that's why I ask. Either I totally stop both or totally stop drinks and wean off med or I wean off both at once. This alone is one question before throwing to the mix, that I am unexpectedly prego since I was on the pill. Being so close to holidays I have to figure out something quick. Don't want to be too crazy all at once with no drinks, no meds prego hormones, travel, family and my 1 and 2 yr old! Ugh

al2014 22 Dec 2014

Basically I am waiting on doc to call back and trying to figure out if I should take my med or not. And a little worried about the birth control I have had all month. And have to tell people about it before going tothe doc after holidays. I just found out yesterday free discount card

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