I had been on Venlafaxine for about a month and a half and was experiencing undesired sexual side effects.
I taked with my doctor, and he prescribed Bupropion and told me I should stop taking the Venlafaxine.
First day, I was fine, and even at the start of the second day, things were good and the undesired side effect had seemingly gone away!
However, the end of the second day is when I started getting the withdrawal from the Venlafaxine... Dizzy almost all the time, "brain zaps", moody, insomnia, peeing almost every hour while trying to sleep, nausea.
I called my doc and told him about my symptoms and asked if there was anything we could do to lessen these so I could go back to work(I work in a factory, so not a good idea to be there when I'm so dizzy and such).
He told me to stop taking the Bupropion and prescribed Cymbalta.
My question is, is there any good reason to bounce me to yet another medication for my anxiety issues? Is Cymbalta maybe better at combating the withdrawal of the Venlafaxine?
I just hate to go and spend yet more money on ANOTHER drug if he's just blindly stabbing in the dark about this...