Hello all, Im new to the boards and wanted to ask a question that I can't find much information on. Im a first year pharmacy school student who has recently been having a very, very hard time studying. I talked to my doctor about it and she prescribed me Bupropion xl 150 mg (made by Par Pharmaceuticals) to help me focus, because I really didn't want to have to take Adderall or Ritalin. She said it is often used off label for ADD. I don't think Ive ever really consider myself depressed because I have no problem talking with people, making friends, and I still enjoy activities that I always have. The only thing is that I can easily sleep a long time, and do consider myself more of a homebody. This is my third day taking Bupropion and this morning I just could not get out of bed and I really don't want anything to do with anyone. I was just wondering if this is normal at the beginning, especially because Im not even taking it for depression. Ive read online about some people having problems with it when they ARE taking it for depression, and Ive also read about all the people who are taking it for ADD and it gives them loads of energy with a little bit of mood elevation even after the first day. Ive read lots of praises about this medication, but I haven't experienced any of these things. I know that everyones metabolism is different, so it could just take a little while for it to really make a difference in me, but I don't want to sink into depression just so I can study. Has anyone else experienced anything remotely like this? Im just hoping theres a light at the end of the tunnel, or else I'll go back and see if theres something else she can prescribe. Thanks in advance for the replies and advice!