this is my first time posting on here so i'm really nervous and also worried no one will respond..but here goes. A few months ago my doctor put me on 150 mg XL Bupropion, then when it didnt really work much she doubled the dose to 300 XL and it gave me severe head pain, but it broke after five days and I wasnt willing to give up so easily, so i broke it in half (I know now I wasnt supposed to do that, trust me my doctor gave me an earfull) and I was on cloud nine. I wasnt tired, I could wake up after 8 hours, I could do school work (which I've never been able to do), basically wiping out depression entirely, I felt amazing. then my doctor got mad at me and took me off of them and messed around with different types of bupropion like i had all this time to experiment... it was hell. my depression came back hard and I couldnt even get out of bed. Long story short, my mom found out I still had a few refills of the 300 mg left so i'm still taking them secretly (whole, not breaking them) because I was literally rolling on the floor bawling it was just awful, depression is so hard to take back in once you've felt what its like to be free. But after these refills run out, my doctors plan of action right now is if bupropion doesnt work, we're going to mess around with combinations. Although I have my beloved bupropion back for now, its not the same. for the most part I'm back and normal and happy and can function but the biggest part of my depression has always been being excessively tired. I've slept over 29 hours before and still woke up tired, i'm always tired and I'm tired all the time again now. I have bad reactions to SSRIs, so I'm not willing to take them. So my question is, does anyone have a combination of bupropion with some other antidepressant that has helped them become basically normal? I want that back, so bad. and my doctors seem to think they have all this time to experiment with different medications but they don't know how hard it is to live with depression. Also i know I'm reaching here but if you've found a bupropion combination that works 100% and also doesnt take away your sex drive pleas let me know. please help.