I've been a heavy drinker, daily, off and on for a few years. I know alcohol doesn't mix with bupropion for risk of seizures. I tried to taper off like people suggested, because I read that suddenly quitting can also result in seizures. I have no problems with not drinking at all, but my problem is is that once I drink, I'm in it to win it for some reason so the "taper" method always resulted in a half a box of wine. I decided to just stop for my health, and have been alcohol free for a few days, but I'm nervous of a seizure. l have no history of them and am only on 200 mg daily, so what are the risks? Has anyone ever experienced a seizure during alcohol withdrawal after regular heavy drinking on this low a dose? Being a few days alcohol free, am I past the seizure-risk mark? Any info would be so so helpful! Thanks.

Oh: Another note I should mention is that I had been a heavy drinker on and off for years, once alcohol free for 7 months, at which point I didn't experience any withdrawal symptoms when not drinking, even after 2 years of hard drinking. Does this maybe mean I'm at a lower risk for seizures? Thanks!