Hello, I took the Butrans patch off June 1st, 2017 (10 mg, 8 months use). Today is June 23rd and Im still having issues. To be specific Im having very severe depression episodes that last for at least half the day or more each day. Its terrible, I mean not interested in anything at all, difficult some days to just get out of bed. I sometimes feel like im in a coffin buried alive. My GP prescribed me Tramadol in which I have been taking one pill per day. Im concerned if I take any more I will get hooked on it too. I believe I am through the first phase of the withdraw which are the physical symptoms (it was hell on earth); however, I just cant seem to shake this depression. My GP has prescribed me Cymbalta but that will take time to work. I have other serious health issues in my life however I believe I have accepted those issues and dont believe they are the cause of my depression. My is question is how long is this depression going to go on for, I read on some sites that it can last for up to 2 years... In the short term if I increase the Tramodol will that decrease the depression ? Thanks very much