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Buprenorphine - How about the Norspan transdermal patch?side effects and pain relief?

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mfpdfibro 21 Jul 2013

I took that patch for a month, I believe they are 7 day patches if I am correct. I know that they hit every single pain receptor in the body so that you do not need to take anything else. In fact, I think if you do take something else like an opiate it won't work at all anyway. I have never had much luck with any type of medicine that is delivered via skin patch. A long time ago I was on the Fentynal patch which is a three day patch. It took a day to work, so didn't work the first day, finally worked on the second day quite well, but stopped working on the third day. In addition, I had difficulty getting them to stick or stay on and they would drop off God knows where and I was terrified that some little kid or my pet would get a hold of it and it would kill them. When on the buprenorphine patch I would put it in the upper quadrant of my body (not on arms) on chest or back. Being a woman I would place it around where my bra strap went to try to keep it on or purchase one of those large bandages that are sticky on all four sides with gauze in the middle to help hold it on. I may go back on that just because I am having so much difficulty with my current pain management office. Doctors like that they don't have to worry about you taking anything else because it would be ineffective. Good luck!

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subzero58 13 Aug 2013

hi sarbaz,the worst side effect is that they do fall off,make you sweat so keep drinking fluids. for pain relief they work very well. but forget about reg opiates workin on you while your on them. motrin works for me. hope this helps,subzero58... free discount card

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