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Buprenorphine/Naloxone - how come I still feel like to use?

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Inactive 11 Mar 2010

Probably because there are underlying issues that need to be dealt with before you won't want to "cover up" the pain. Doctors are not supposed to give anyone a prescription for suboxone without making them see an addiction specialist, who will help them recover mentally from addiction. Addiction is a disease and it is inheritable, so, you likely were exposed to an addicted parent or other family member. If you seek to truly heal and get off this evil merry go round, you must seek guidance from someone who can help and also have a good support system in place. If money is an issue, and it usually is, AA can provide alot of cheap help, it is annonymous, the meetings will likely have other people identifying as addicts, and they only ask for $1 per meeting as a donation. I suggest either a suboxone support group or an individual counselor specializing in addiction. I know this may not be the whole answer, but, it will help. Good Luck,

subzero58 11 Mar 2010

hi dannysunday, when i first started on suboxone i never thought for a minute that taking a pill would fix my knees. all i wanted was relief from pain and an alternative to the morphine i was on. 3 and a half years later neither morphine nor suboxone has repaired my knee. if your waiting for a miracle to happen go to church. if you wana get off opiates the subs will give you time to educate yourself on learning to live life on lifes turms. i go to 3 hours of group,4 hours of 1on1 therapy, and aa/na on my days off. now that your on subs the real work is about to began. don't waist time get busy life is passing you by... good luck and god bless. free discount card

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