I have hard bumps under my skin from my knees to my ankles. It started like a week ago some of them have gone away and more have come up. My knees have started to feel a bit stuff and sore and my ankles are a bit swollen and they were really swollen for a few days and they are stiffand sore along with my feet being stuff and toes are stuff and sore and also the palms of my hands are sore . Some of the bumps are a little tender but most are just hard bumps I can feel they aren't that big either maybe half an inch but a couple are bigger and weird shaped and one is large and right on my ankle. I also have one bump on each arm close to my wrist. I've been taking ibuprofen or aspiring every day and the swelling has gone down a bit but not the bumps. I also can't afford a hospital visit or medication so please don't suggest that. Just want idea on what it can be and the bumps arent any color just skin color